Meet the Founders

Hoby Wedler and Justin Vallandingham

The Hoby's™ Vision

To make the world better and brighter by creating exceptional products and experiences that enable people to tangible appreciate their lives more.

Hoby's™ Mission Statement

Hoby Wedler and his partner Justin Vallandingham believe that entrepreneurship is about solving problems and making life better for people; to them, being entrepreneurial is not about power and money. We curate products of the highest quality that are not available on the market and make them available to you. Hoby applies his chemistry knowledge to every product to ensure the best flavor is achieved. We live life with an abundance mindset, and we encourage you to do the same by not using Hoby’s Curations sparingly. We all deserve to experience flavors to enhance the moments that matter in life and we all deserve to be happy. Use Hoby’s Curations to accelerate happiness.

Hoby's™ Brand Values

1. Stay Forever Inquisitive and Kind
2. Listen with Curiosity and Empathy
3. Embrace the Unconventional
4. Confidently Own Your Expertise
5. Provide Only the Highest Quality
6. Thoughtfully Deliver the Right Results
7. Always Include and Appreciate